If your application is deferred, you have up to six months to submit additional information. 

What does a deferred decision mean?

If you've been deferred, it means our assessors did not find sufficient evidence within your application to pass all of our criteria and we need more information from you. 

Your assessment report will tell you which criteria have not been met and provide information from the assessor on what you need to do to meet those criteria when you resubmit.

If you don't make a resubmission within six months, we'll consider your application unsuccessful. You can reapply for accreditation at any time, but you'll have to complete a new application in full.

How do I prepare my resubmission?

Take some time to read your assessment report and review the feedback from the assessor. You only need to address the criteria which you were deferred on in your original application.

We also recommend that you speak to your supervisor before you start to write.

Write your additional information on a blank Word document, which you need to email us at accreditation@bacp.co.uk. Head each document with your name and membership number, and identify which criterion and sub-criteria the information relates to. Please use one document and make it clear which criteria you are writing under. 

Word limits

In your resubmission you can use the full word limits again, regardless of how many sub-criteria you've been deferred on. This is in addition to any material you presented in your original application.

These are the total word limits for all or any part of:

  • Criterion 6 - 900 words max
  • Criterion 7 - 900 words max
  • Criterion 8 - 1,400 words max
  • Criterion 9 - 3,000 words max

The work you resubmit is in addition to your original application, so you might just need to provide some further explanation or new information. However, it’s fine to revise parts of your original work too - just keep within the overall word limits and make it clear where the new information fits within the text.

Criterion 9 resubmissions

If we said we could not assess criterion 9.1 because we needed more information for 8,1, you can either: 

  1. Resubmit the same material you used in your original application, if you feel it clearly demonstrates your way of working and is consistent with the revised information you're submitting for 8.1.

    In this case, you need to resubmit 9.1 in the online form

  2. Update the material you originally submitted or submit entirely new material

    In this case, you need to ask the supervisor who over saw the case material to provide a confirmation statement in support of your resubmission. Please email this to us along with your resubmission document. 

    Supervision statement (docx 110KB)

Supervision arrangements

If you have changed your supervisor since you submitted your original application, you will need to provide their details in the online form and submit a new supervisor report.

Please download the template below and send it to your supervisor or supervisors.

Supervisor report (docx 110KB)

How do I submit my resubmission?

You resubmit your application by email to accreditation@bacp.co.uk

Can I get any help with my resubmission?

Your assessment report will include advice from our assessors on what you need to do when writing or producing your resubmission. The interactive resources in the previous Application guide are available on request. 

If you identify as living with a disability, learning difference or long-term health condition, we can currently offer the following support to help remove any barriers you may experience with the resubmission process:

  • 10% additional word limit on your resubmission word limit
  • additional support from our Support and Inclusion Officer throughout the resubmission process by email or phone

If you need support, or have any specific questions about your resubmission, please contact the accreditation team at accreditation@bacp.co.uk.


Our assessors run regular telesurgeries for deferred applicants. These are 30 minute one-to-one phone conversations which give you the opportunity to ask an assessor specific questions about what they want to see in a successful application. They'll also be able to explain any points raised on your assessment report. However, the assessor can't tell you what to write or approve any suggestions of what you intend to write.

Telesurgeries cost £25 and book up very quickly so you may have a short wait for a convenient session. Please email accreditation@bacp.co.uk or call us on 01455 883300 to book.

What happens if I don't want to resubmit?

Some applicants decide the best way forward is to spend more time on client work, additional training, reflecting on their practice and consolidating their skills, which will take longer than six months. This is absolutely fine, as you can reapply at any time, but this will be treated as an entirely new application and you will need to send the application form for the transition scheme if applying after February 2024. 

Assessment process and outcomes

When you submit your resubmission, we'll send you an acknowledgement email to confirm we've received it. It can then take around three to four months to complete the accreditation process.

We'll check to make sure you've provided all the necessary information and then submit it, together with your original application, for reassessment. 

If you're successful, you'll be awarded your accreditation. If you're unsuccessful, you can apply again but you need to wait for 12 months before making a new application. 


Grounds for an appeal

If your application is unsuccessful, you can appeal if you think that either:

  1. the assessment procedure has not been followed correctly, or 
  2. your application has not been fairly and properly assessed against the published criteria

Disagreeing with the assessor’s decision or wishing to submit new information are not grounds for appeal.

Making an appeal

You must send your appeal by email to accreditation@bacp.co.uk within two months of receiving our decision. You should give the grounds for your appeal (either 1 and 2 above) and include up to 600 words commenting on your application or the assessment report. We cannot accept letters or additional information from third parties, such as your supervisor or line manager.

The fee for an appeal is £195. If your appeal is successful, this fee will be refunded.

Appeals process

Your appeal will be assessed by an appeal panel. Their decision is final and we'll send you a copy of their report.

If the appeal panel agrees with your appeal, it does not necessarily mean you'll become accredited. This will depend on what your appeal was about and what their findings were.

If they reject your appeal, you can't reapply for accreditation for 12 months. If you reapply, we will treat it as an entirely new application, but please tell us about your previous submission and appeal on the application form.