When you're ready to start your application, download the application form and reflective practice templates below. Please see the detailed guidance and video resources provided in the Application guide before you start. 

Applications for the individual accreditation transition scheme are now open (aligned to column B of the SCoPEd framework). 

How to apply

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you need to:

  • provide details of your training, with copies of any relevant award certificates
  • provide details of your practice and supervision
  • submit a statement from your supervisor
  • complete two reflective practice sections (criteria 1 and 2), demonstrating your understanding of what you do with examples from your practice

You can submit your application by downloading the application form and reflective practice templates below.

You'll be asked to enter details of your training, practice and supervision on the application form. Criteria 1 and 2 (reflective practice) and your supervisor's statement should be completed on the templates provided and sent along with your application form, when you apply by email.  

If you need support with your application, or for details of what assistance we can offer, please see our support web page.

Individual accreditation application form (Word 0.1MB)
Reflective practice criteria 1 template (Word 0.1MB)
Reflective practice criteria 2 template (Word 0.1MB)
Guidance document for individual accreditation (Word 0.1MB)
Supervisor's statement (docx 119KB)

Once you have completed your application, please email a copy of the application form along with your reflective practice documents and supervisor's statement to: accreditation@bacp.co.uk

When your application is received, you will be sent an email inviting you to pay for your application via customer services. 


The application fee for accreditation is £230.

We've launched a number of measures to reduce the cost of accreditation for those who would benefit from financial support. Those measures are:

  • if you qualify for a reduced membership fee, your application fee will be reduced to £25
  • a reduced accreditation application fee can be offered to those who are already in receipt of the reduced membership fee on the membership sliding scale. You can apply for a reduced application fee by contacting the accreditation team
  • financial support is also available for those who identify as living with a disability, have a long term health condition or learning difference. Full details can be found on our accreditation support web page

We've introduced a further range of financial reductions for members with reduced incomes or members living with a disability, long term health condition or learning difference. Please visit the accreditation support page for more details.

If you have questions about financial reductions, contact the accreditation team on accreditation@bacp.co.uk

Assessment process and outcomes

When you submit your application, we'll send you an acknowledgement email to confirm we've received it. It will take around six to eight months to complete the assessment process.

Our accreditation team will check your application to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and that we have all the information we need. We'll email you if we have any queries.

Once our checks are complete, we'll send your application to one of our assessment team. 

We'll send you an email when we've completed our assessment. 


Our decision may be:


If your application is unsuccessful, you can appeal if you think that either:

  1. the assessment procedure has not been followed correctly, or 
  2. your application has not been fairly and properly assessed against the published criteria

Disagreeing with the assessor’s decision or wishing to submit new information are not grounds for appeal.

Find out more about making an appeal