1. Do the specialist accreditation schemes still exist? 

Our specialist accreditation scheme applications are currently paused as we’re revising these schemes to align them with our competence frameworks. We’ll update members with further details in due course

Current senior accredited members who have previously gained a specialist accreditation such as CYP or Supervision will keep this accreditation alongside their membership. 

2. When will specialist schemes open?

We’re revising these schemes to align them with our competence frameworks. We’ll update members with further details in due course.

3. Will you be having more specialist schemes?

We’re currently revising the specialist schemes. We’ll update members in due course if we create any new specialist schemes.

4. Will I receive a new logo?

Membership category badges and logos remain the same but we’re introducing new logos for members who hold a specialist accreditation for CYP or Supervision. These are available via membership dashboards.

If your membership category has changed, you’ll be able to download your new logo from your membership dashboard.

5. If I meet the criteria for more than one category of senior accreditation e.g. CYP and supervision, do I have to apply and pay separately for each of these?

These are separate accreditation schemes so once the specialist schemes reopened, each will require its own application and application processing fee. They do not need to be applied for at the same time.

6. Can I apply for senior accreditation and senior supervisor accreditation at the same time?

No, you’ll need to apply for senior accreditation separately to the specialist supervisor accreditation scheme. If you’re eligible to apply to become a senior accredited member you can do so on our Senior Accredited membership web page. The current specialist accreditation schemes are paused.

7. Can I still call myself a senior accredited supervisor if I’m in column B of the SCoPEd framework?

If you’re a current senior accredited member you can continue using the title ‘senior accredited’ until the date of your renewal in 2025, but your unable to say you aligned to column C until you’ve applied and been successful for the revised senior accredited category,  

If you choose not to pursue or are not successful in your the revised  senior accreditation application and are aligned to column B of the SCoPEd framework as an accredited member of BACP, you may not refer to yourself as a senior accredited supervisor member of BACP.

Where relevant, you’ll still be able to reference your specialist supervisor or CYP accreditation so you’ll be a BACP accredited member with specialist supervisor accreditation. You’ll be eligible to use the new badges for this specialism in your advertising, which are available within your member dashboard.

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