Application forms and templates

You must submit your application on the forms and the supporting templates below. Please make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions before submitting an application.

We allocate assessment time to applications in advance, so please give us at least one month's notice of your anticipated submission date.

Part A: Eligibility criteria application form (docx 0.1MB)
Part B: Course delivery criteria application form (docx 0.12MB)

Part A: Eligibility criteria application form including OPT (docx 0.1MB)
Part B: Course delivery criteria application form including OPT (docx 0.2MB)

Course team staff overview (docx 0.1MB)
Team member profile (docx 0.1MB)

Application checklist (docx 0.1MB)

Submitting your application

When you inform us that you intend to submit Part A – Eligibility, we'll send you a link to our secure accreditation portal. This uses Microsoft OneDrive and sits in the cloud.

This is our preferred way of sharing information as access is limited and there is no need for password protection on any documents, ensuring that we are GDPR compliant.

You can easily upload documents individually, or as complete folders, into your portal. Just send us an email to let us know when your submission is complete.

All material used for your course accreditation will be held within this portal for reference, including all submissions, assessment reports, certificates and accredited logo. This material will be retained on a rolling five-year basis before being deleted in line with our accreditation retention policy.

If your accreditation is withdrawn, lapsed or cancelled then all material will be deleted within three months from the end date, which we will confirm by email.

Diagram showing course accreditation application process


If you want, you can request a telesurgery with an assessor. This is included in the application fee. This may help you better understand the accreditation criteria and how they may be evidenced. For further details see: 

Telesurgery guide (pdf 0.1MB)

Assessment process

We'll confirm by email that we've received your application and submission fee at each stage. Our accreditation officers will check your application to ensure it is complete, in date and clearly referenced. If we have any minor queries regarding the supporting evidence, we’ll ask you for more information. Poor quality or obviously incomplete submissions cannot be assessed and will be returned for revision. We cannot pre-assess your application.

Part A will be allocated to an accreditation assessor for assessment. They will provide you with an assessment report and, once all criteria are met in full, give you a deadline of six months for you to submit your completed Part B application. This deadline helps to ensure your Part A eligibility criteria does not become out of date.

Part B will then be assessed by the same assessor who assessed your Part A where possible, along with a supporting assessor. They will have a copy of your Part A application and Part A assessment report. Once all Part B criteria have been met, an accreditation officer will contact you to arrange a date for your assessor visit. Both assessors will attend the visit and these are held in-person.

If the assessors have any questions or queries about your application, we’ll email you on their behalf. Please respond promptly so your assessment is not delayed.

The entire application process (Part A and B) can take between six to twelve months to complete, but this is dependent on the quality of an application and on the timeframe arranged for the visit. We also send 10% of applications for external moderation to ensure the standard of assessment is consistent.

When completed, we’ll upload your assessment report into your secure accreditation portal and email you to let you know the outcome of the assessment and that it’s ready for you to access.

Assessment outcomes

Your application may be:

  • Successful and accredited
    If you successfully demonstrate that your course meets all the criteria, you'll be awarded accredited status for five years, unless indicated otherwise. We will specify your accreditation start date and confirm your annual review date. You must abide by all the scheme terms and conditions to become and remain accredited. You must also continue to meet all criteria.

  • Accreditation with recommendations
    We may award accredited status but make recommendations for you to consider. Your accreditation does not depend upon complying with these recommendations, but you must respond to them within your first annual review submission as stated in your assessment report.

  • Deferred accreditation with set conditions
    We may ask you to meet certain conditions before you are awarded the accredited status. The conditions will be specified in your assessment report and we’ll provide you with a template to address all outstanding criteria. You must make a resubmission which meets these requirements by the deadline set by the accreditation assessor, or we'll need to withdraw your application.

  • Unsuccessful
    We will always try to support you through the application process so that you can be successful. However, if you don't meet the set conditions, we will consider your application to be unsuccessful. You can always re-apply with a new application when you feel you can meet all the criteria.


If your application is unsuccessful, you can appeal if there is clear evidence that either:

  • the assessment was not conducted according to the published procedure
  • your application was not fairly and properly assessed against the published criteria for the scheme

Disagreeing with the assessors’ professional judgement is not grounds for an appeal.

You must make your appeal to us officially in writing, preferably by attachment to an email, within three months of the issue date of the final report. Your appeal will be considered by an independent appeals panel. Their decision will be final.

If you have any questions about course accreditation, please email