When you join the BACP Register, and every time you renew your registered membership, you must agree to the Register terms and conditions.

These include specific requirements for supervision, continuing professional development (CPD) and insurance.

You also agree to provide evidence that you are meeting these requirements for audit, if we ask you to do so.

Register requirements for supervision

Regular and ongoing supervision is a distinctive requirement of the counselling professions. Supervision is essential to help you sustain good practice throughout your working life.

As a registered member you must:

  • understand the role and value of supervision, and ensure you have appropriate supervision in place
  • keep an up-to-date record of your supervision and be able to show how it impacts on your practice
  • if asked, send us your supervision records and in some cases details of your supervisor(s) for audit 

For further information and templates, see Registered members' guide to supervision 

Register requirements for CPD

Undertaking regular CPD helps you keep your skills and knowledge up to date and contributes to client safety.

As a registered member you must:

  • reflect, plan, action and evaluate your development needs
  • undertake a range of CPD activities relevant to your current or future practice
  • keep an up to date and accurate record of your CPD, showing how it has impacted on your practice
  • if asked, send us CPD records for audit 

For further information and templates, see Registered members' guide to CPD 

Register requirements for insurance

As a registered member, you must have adequate, current and ongoing professional indemnity insurance. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your insurance cover is appropriate for your practice, taking into account the nature and extent of its risks.

If you’re selected for audit, you'll need to send us a copy of your insurance certificate or confirmation from your employer that you have this insurance in place.

Register audit

Every month we carry out a random audit of registered members to ensure that the Register requirements are being met.

Anyone who has been on the Register for more than a year is eligible for audit when their membership is due for renewal. Every month we audit 1.5% of eligible members who are renewing.

We’ll contact you by email if you're selected for audit. You'll have around six weeks to provide your records of CPD, supervision and insurance.

For further information, or if you’ve received an audit notice, see Registered members' guide to audit 

Audit report

You can read our latest audit report below: 

BACP Register Audit Report 2022 (pdf 0.2MB)

BACP Register Audit Report 2022 (doc 0.2MB)

If you have any questions regarding audit, please email audit@bacp.co.uk.