Seeking participants for a research study exploring the experience of impostor syndrome for newly-qualified counsellors and/or therapists within their role.

Participation will involve a single one to one interview, expected to be between 40 and 90 minutes duration, arranged at a time convenient to you and conducted online.

For the purposes of clarifying the nature of this research the following description roughly describes what may commonly be meant by impostor syndrome:

‘Impostor Syndrome is an internal experience of intellectual phoniness; in other words the belief that one is undeserving of one’s role or recognition’

Participants must not only identify themselves as having experienced imposter syndrome but will also need to be recently qualified via a counselling or psychotherapy training completed less than 2 years ago, and to be in current clinical practice. For the purposes of this research ‘qualified’ refers to those who are registered BACP members, and who have therefore completed a minimum of a BACP accredited training course. However, participants may currently be in their first two years of practice since graduating from either a degree or postgraduate training when taking part in the study. In conjunction with these requirements all participants will be registered members of BACP.

To view an information sheet or to take part please email me via

This research study is conducted in partial fulfilment of the MSc Psychotherapy programme at University of Brighton and is ethically approved by the UoB ethics board.

Thank you