I am enrolled in the Doctoral programme in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy (DCPsych) at Metanoia Institute / Middlesex University. I wish to interview counselling psychologists and psychotherapists about their experiences related to power and authority during the training journey.

The aim is to explore how power dynamics (individual and within a group), relationships with authority figures (from the past and present), early relational bonds, social and political environment impact the development of trainees’ own authority as well as other aspects of their work and life.

The findings may assist educators and training institutions in developing new guidelines and recommendations for improving the quality of training and creating more egalitarian relationships in training and supervisory context.

  • Are you a Counsellor or Psychotherapist?
  • Are you enrolled on an advanced counselling psychology and/or psychotherapy training course (doctoral level or equivalent)?
  • Were you born and/or raised up in an authoritarian regime (e.g. totalitarian or post-totalitarian countries in Central/Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa or South America)?

If the answer is ‘yes’, I would be happy to talk to you and give you space to find your voice. Each interview will be audio recorded and will last approximately 60-80 minutes, at a mutually agreed meeting place/time. There will be follow-up to check how you feel and to address any issues which might have been left unresolved or unprocessed. You will have the opportunity to read, check and verify the interview transcript and the final account of your story.

Your participation will be strictly confidential with all details anonymised.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact me:
denitsa.radeva-petrova@metanoia.ac.uk or deni_r_r@yahoo.com.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Denitsa Radeva-Petrova