My study aims to explore what self-care means to a novice counsellor; those in their first 5 years of practice post qualifying, to learn more about what they learned thus far about self-care from their own experiences as a developing professional.

Who am I?
I am an undergraduate student in the School of Psychology at the University of East London, currently studying for a BSc in Counselling. As part of my studies I am required to undertake a research project. I have chosen to explore the topic of self-care, as this is something I personally struggle with.

It is hoped that new knowledge in this area could help to broaden the perspective of self-care, normalise the stresses of therapeutic work and the struggles of balancing care of self and care of others and invite more open discussion on the subject, including how it could best be covered during training.

My research has been approved by the School of Psychology Research Ethics Committee. This means that my research follows the standard of research ethics set by the British Psychological Society.

What is the participant criteria?
I am seeking BACP registered counsellors who have been actively practicing for no more than 5 years, and who would be willing to reflect on, and share, their experiences of their self-care journey since qualifying. I welcome UK resident counsellors of any age, religion, gender or culture and regardless of modality, specialism, or work setting.

I emphasise that I am not looking for ‘experts’ on the topic I am studying. You will not be judged or personally analysed in any way and you will be treated with respect. You are quite free to decide whether or not to participate and should not feel coerced.

What will participation involve?
Participants who consent to take part in the study will be invited to take part in an informal interview, lasting around 1 hour, which will be a chat about their own experiences of self-care. The interview will be held face-to-face online via Microsoft Teams, at a mutually convenient date and time, and this would be audio-recorded. I will not be able to pay you for participating in my research, but your participation would be very valuable in helping to develop further knowledge on self-care.

Please find attached a flyer and a participant information letter. If you would like further information about my research or have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, without commitment, via my email address

Thank you,