I am inviting female counsellors/therapists to think about their experiences of their tattoos and piercings in the context of their consulting room.

This research is part of a Master’s in Psychological Therapies at the University of Exeter. This research has been granted ethical approval by the College of Life and Environmental Sciences Psychology Ethics Committee at The University of Exeter.

You can help if you:

  • Identify as female
  • Work as a qualified counsellor/therapist
  • Have at least 1 tattoo AND 1 piercing

What is involved?
A zoom interview lasting up to 1 hour. Focusing on how female therapists with body modifications experience their tattoos and piercings in the context of psychotherapeutic work with clients in the consulting room. The interview will be recorded. Please be assured that all information that you provide will be anonymised and treated as confidential.

Please see the attached participant information sheet for more information.

If you would like to find out more, with no obligation, or if you are interested in taking part, you can email me: ls776@exeter.ac.uk.

Many thanks,
Lucy Snelson