We are a group of students studying on the MSc in Counselling at Bangor University. For our final dissertation, we are conducting a research study examining the relationship between burnout, spirituality, and self-compassion in therapists.

We are interested in how these might have been experienced during the recent pandemic because this has been an especially challenging time, and we are particularly interested in considering how additional caring responsibilities during this time (e.g. childcare) might have impacted on these experiences. We are also interested in exploring whether there are any differences in these experiences for those who have different ethnic identities.

Our study invites participants to complete an online questionnaire containing questions about the following:

  • Your personal details such as age, gender, ethnicity, etc. 
  • Your work as a therapist during the pandemic
  • Your caring responsibilities during the pandemic
  • Your experiences of burnout
  • Your compassion towards the self
  • Your experiences of spirituality

If you are currently in practice working with clients and you would be willing to help us with our research, we would like to invite you to complete this online questionnaire:

Thank you so much.

Maybel Shajan
Katharine Harper-Williams
Jocelyn Okonkwo
Simon Davies
Maria Tattum

Principal Investigators
Prof Fay Short at f.short@bangor.ac.uk
Dr Susan Clarkson at s.clarkson@bangor.ac.uk.