I am conducting research as part of my BSc (Hons) in Person Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy with the University of Derby. My research focuses on the impact to the counsellor and the therapeutic relationship, when a client discloses suicidal ideation or thoughts.

I am interested in hearing from qualified counsellors, who are receiving clinical supervision in line with the BACP Ethical Framework, and who have worked with a client in the last 12 months who has disclosed suicidal thoughts.

I am particularly interested in counsellors’ individual experiences and thoughts when a client discloses suicidal feelings and their interpretation of the impact this had on the therapeutic relationship. I would like to gain an understanding of any risk assessment tools used and what training or continuous professional development the counsellor has undertaken in this area and how this may have influenced the work with the client.

The research will be carried out in the form of a questionnaire which you would complete at a time and place of your choosing. I estimate the questionnaire will take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to complete.

My research has been ethically approved by University of Derby and as a member of the BACP I am committed to working in accordance with their Ethical Framework and Ethical Guidelines for Research.

If you have experienced a client disclosing suicidal thoughts and would be willing to share your experience, I would really like to hear from you. All data gathered will be securely stored and anonymised.

For further information please contact me by email: s.tinsley4@unimail.derby.ac.uk

I appreciate your consideration of this study.

Kind thoughts,
Sarah Tinsley