Good Practice Resources

The Good Practice in Action resources are a new series of publications which we hope will support good practice in the counselling professions. They are all reviewed by member-led focus groups and experts in the field, and are based on current research and evidence. We will be adding more resources over the coming months.

'BACP members have a contractual commitment to work in accordance with the current Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. The Good Practice in Action Resources are not contractually binding on members, but are intended to support practitioners by providing general information on principles and policy applicable at the time of publication, in the context of the core ethical principles, values and personal moral qualities of the BACP.'

Specific issues in practice will vary depending on clients, particular models of working, the context of the work and the type of therapeutic intervention provided.  As specific issues arising from work with clients are often complex, we always recommend discussing practice dilemmas with a supervisor and/or consulting a suitably qualified and experienced legal or other relevant practitioner.

In these resources, the word therapist is used to mean specifically counsellors and psychotherapists and therapy to mean specifically counselling and psychotherapy. The terms practitioner and counselling related services are used generically in a wider sense, to include the practice of counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and pastoral care.

Click on the headings below to view the full list of documents available in each section. PDF and Word versions of the glossary are available for download at the bottom of the page.



BACP Professional Standards wishes to thank the BACP members who continue to support the publication of the Good Practice in Action resources through their participation and voluntary involvement in the governance and reviewing of resources through the Good Practice Steering Group, Working Groups and Focus Groups. Also, our thanks extend to BACP colleagues within the research team who have undertaken the preliminary literature scopes for each topic pathway, and those colleagues, across all departments, who have reviewed and given feedback on resources.

It is not possible on each resource to name individuals, but it is recognised that these publications have been refined, and made fit for purpose, through the many skilled professionals who have given feedback throughout the publication process.